Servant Leadership

Thanks for signing up for Servant Leadership Emails. A real fancy name, right?

Here's how this works: I get posts from different leadership blogs, but I chose the ones I believe to be the most helpful and the most focused in honoring the leadership philosophy called Servant Leadership. Then I send those out to you. There is no schedule, but for the most part they will be quick and easy one-page reads. That's important too because none of us has a lot of time to sit and read for very long.

I've made a few mistakes along my path of learning servant leadership, and I've been blessed with some successes, but out of it all I've learned some things. One thing I've learned is that there isn't a lifetime long enough to learn all we need to be completely successful. The successful leadership walk takes time, and I hope these emails will be helpful to you. If they help you, then we all share in that success.

Don McBride
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